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The Fashion “Fix-it” …isABelt

Occasionally, a garment or fashion accessory will be greatly improved upon with a new invention. The Isabelt is one of those amazing innovations. The Isabelt is a clear belt that appears virtually invisible when worn. The belt is made of a flexible yet strong plastic that cinches in waistbands with a smoother look. The Isabelt prevents belt bulge or a bulky appearance around the waist. This latest belt design eliminates slippage and gapping at the waist when wearing pants and jeans. 

The Isabelt is appropriate for outfits that will not look right with a belt. However, the belt is so comfortable, it is great for everyday wear. The Isabelt is perfect for the office for a polished and professional appearance, as well as other casual times when you need to be comfortable yet stylish.

The Isabelt is available at several retail locations like Torrid and Monkee's. The belts are also offered on a variety of web stores to make home shopping even easier. Shop at home for the next great fashion accessory that has been featured in In Style Magazine.

The Isabelt was first created in 2007 when the inventor, Leslie Wilkins-Gaudio, went shopping for low rise jeans but was frustrated by the way they dipped low when sitting or crouching. The Isabelt was created for just such a look, as well a number of other styles that require a belt to look more appropriate and offer a sleeker silhouette.


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