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Water Geeks

The Water Geeks is a water purification company that focuses on water filtration and BPA-free water bottles and containers. The Water Geeks' mission is to provide facts on water and conservation, as well as create natural health products like hand soap, shower gel, and mouthwash. Water Geeks manufacture products that are BPA free, such as water bottles and sippy cups for babies. The company strives to promote environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles.

The Water Geeks Laboratory is a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility. It is located in the mountains of western Canada, and is home to the company's research and development team, as well as where the production of its water filters, bottles, and other energy-saving products are based. 

The web site,, offers extensive information on their research and products offered. There are also many celebrity endorsements. Famous faces like Denise Richards, Rachel Zoe, Robin Leach, and Taylor Momson have all been spotted with their Water Geeks water bottles. Also, the Bonnie Hunt show's cast and crew have used the steel water bottles exclusively during production. The retail web site offers water saving products like showerheads and hose nozzles, as well as energy-saving light bulbs. There is even an informative DVD available on the topic of water conservation. 

Water Geeks also sells water bottles that have their own filters for portable clean water that can be carried with you throughout the day. Water bottle filters are more cost-effective than traditional bottled water, and the bottles made by Water Geeks are BPA-free. Traditional plastic bottled water is not BPA-free, and can negatively affect the environment and your health.


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