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LB's CORNER: C IT AND B PART OF IT or LBCshow.TV is a webshow hosted by Lorraine Baratta and Guest Co-hosts. LBCshow is a place where home shopping and entertainment come together. It gives budding entrepreneurs, creators, inventors, artist, musicians, designers, etc., an outlet to the world. The show's host, Lorraine, was a successful wedding gown designer.  By 2004 Lorraine had evolved from gowns to jewelry and started her exclusive and exquisite ladies line of "one of a kind" jewelry under Lorraine Baratta Designs, LLC. 


While home shows, private parties, personal websites, word of mouth networking; and an amazing cover story in 201 Magazine combined to build a strong local following, Lorraine decided it was time to take her jewelry to the next level. Lorraine felt that to stay close to her customers and to reach her market en masse, there had to be a more powerful way.  So, Lorraine decides to create a (QVC-style) Webshow for Home Shopping, Talk and other Entertainment. With millions of viewers online everyday the Internet was the perfect vehicle.

“In taking this a step further, I mentioned this idea to my friend as a forum for her book and her brother to use for his artwork. So, not only can I reach audiences far and wide, I can help other entrepreneurs do the same. "LBCshow.TV, LB's CORNER: C IT AND B PART OF IT" a webshow that showcases new inventions; other businesses; talents and my latest 
Lorraine Baratta's Collections in a 'live' forum."

In addition, the show will introduce celebrity guests, who will share their journey and success to hopefully inspire our exhibitors and viewers. Another great segment is "LBCshow Gives Back"
Forever giving and charity were already extensions of her company, so creating this segment was natural.

Her mission: It's a huge investment to get on QVC or HSN. Now on the LBCshow.TV webshow, hundreds of entrepreneurs introduce their inventions or talents without waiting for the rare, once in a lifetime chance to be tapped for a bigger home shopping network opportunity or reality TV. It gives inventors and talents publicity on a wide scale by creating a 2-5 minute taped interview and introduction of their product. The long arm of the Internet will do the rest. 

Buyers interested in products seenon LBCshow.TV are directed to that entrepreneur’s web site for purchase. The show introduces  new entrepreneurs five days a week.  On weekends there is a rebroadcast of the week's interviews and all products archived for future reference.  

Special notes from the Author and Host: ", Announcing You: C IT AND B PART OF IT" was launched April 2008. In April 2009 it was renamed to "LBCshow.TV, LB's CORNER: C IT AND B PART OF IT" and launched April 2009.




Our program guest co-hosts are knowledgeable women and men, many with backgrounds in broadcast journalism or retail. They possess a wealth of information about every product presented on Committed to informing and entertaining our viewers, they travel all over the world with our buyers and work closely with the broadcasting and planning departments to determine how to best present each item.

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