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How to become a Guest

How to Become a Guest Exhibitor

Please read all questions and answers before accessing the Guest Exhibitor submission form at the bottom of this page.

Product Questions


Application Process

Product Questions

Is my company’s product right for

Products that are highly demonstrable, solve problems, make life easier, appeal to a broad audience and have unique features and benefits are of interest to The following is a list of product categories that is pursuing:

  • Apparel & Accessories-Women
  • Beauty
  • Bed & Bath
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Cookbooks
  • Food
  • Handbags/Luggage
  • Artwork & Photography
  • Baby/Children's Products
  • Books except cookbooks
  • Computer Software
  • Health & Fitness
  • Hobby & Craft
  • Home Décor
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Textiles
  • Household Cleaners
  • Condiments/Salsa/Sauces
  • DVD's/CD's/Videos
  • Educational/Motivational
  • Golf-related Products  


  • Jewelry
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Kitchen Electrics
  • Patio & Garden
  • Personal Care
  • Pets
  • Storage
  • Toys
  • Hand–made Beaded Jewelry
  • Maternity Products
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Are there product categories that does not accept? does not program items in the following product categories. Please do not submit the following:

  • Feminine/Personal Hygiene
  • Firearms
  • Fuel Additives
    • Gambling-related Products
    • Genuine Furs
  • Sexual Aids
  • Tobacco–related Products

    Does my item have to be manufactured?

    The item you submit for a product evaluation can be a manufactured, one-of-a-kind item or limited quanity item. This concept makes you as the designer, creator, inventor or artist(including music)  unique. 

    Is there a fee? does not charge for a product evaluation. If chosen as an LBCshow Guest Exhibitor there will be a nominal fee for airtime. Feel free to contact us for details.

    Is there a minimum quantity of product reqiure to be an Guest Exhibitor? simply showcases our Guest Exhibitor's products. You can have one item or many items. We do not take a percentage of your profits. We invite our viewers to visit your website to purchase your goods. Our viewers become your customers to keep.

    Does showcase cause-related merchandise?

    At times, showcases cause-related merchandise where a donation is made to a specific charity. As with any product showcases, the cause-related product must have general appeal. If is interested, the product will be evaluated using LBCshow’s normal evaluation procedures and then scrutinized against LBCshow’s guidelines on cause related marketing.

    Application Process

    I have more than one item. Should I submit an application for each?

    Only one application per company is necessary. You will receive an e-mail requesting images of your product. Please reply to the e-mail, attaching the images for all the products you wish to submit and send the e-mail back to Be sure to include a price sheet if you have multiple items for review.

    How can I have my product reviewed by and how long will the review process take?

    The first step in the product review process is to complete the Guest Exhibitor submission form. To access the form, click on the link at the bottom of the page. Exhibitor Relations will contact you via e-mail in approximately 1 to 2 weeks from the time your form is received to inform you of’s level of interest in your product.

    Should I mail a product sample? prefers that you do not send unsolicited product samples. If requests a sample, please enclose a copy of your Guest Exhibitor submission including the submittal number. Do not send any materials that cannot be replaced; for example an original prototype or mold. accepts no responsibility or liability for the safe arrival, handling or return of any submitted materials. does not return unsolicited product samples.

    How do I know if my application was successfully submitted?

    You will receive an e-mail the same day you send your product submission. The e-mail contains a product submission number and a request that you attach and return an image of your product. Please see the example e-mail letter below.

    Dear Guest Exhibitor:

    Your product submission has been successfully received.

    Submission Number: XXXXX
    Product Name: XXXXX
    Product Submission: XXXXX

    The next step is to supply a digital image of your product by replying to this e-mail and attaching the image. The only acceptable file formats are .jpg, .gif, and PDF.

    In order for us to properly evaluate your submission, you must provide a digital image. When sending your digital image please note your product submission number in the subject field of the submission, you must include this information on any future correspondence regarding your submission. Any submission not accompanied by a digital image will forfeit product evaluation.

    After receipt of your digital image,'s Product Search team will assess your product's relevance to's  current showcasing strategies.

    This process may take up to six weeks. Upon completion, you will receive an e-mail whether or not is interested in having further discussion with you about your product.

    Note your submission number above. You MUST include this information in the subject field of your e-mail.

    Thank you,'s Guest Exhibitor Search Team

    What other information do I need to know about becoming a Guest Exhibitor?

    Once has made the decision to move forward with you as a Guest Exhibitor, we will provide you with all the information you will need by phone discussions and email confirmations. 

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