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Germ Guardian
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Germ Guardian

A Germ Guardian humidifier is a great eco-friendly choice for achieving the best air quality for your home. What is a humidifier? It is a machine that prevents the air in a room from becoming dry and stuffy. Many pediatricians recommend a humidifier for baby for coughs and colds. 

The ultrasonic humidifiers are a best-selling option. The ultrasonic is a mist humidifier with both warm and cool mist settings. These models are great for adult use, as well as in children's rooms.

For home or office, a Germ Guardian UV Air purifier is the perfect way to clean the air of mold spores, pet dander, dust mites and other allergens. A purifier is great for people with asthma or other allergies. The Germ Guardian uses UV light to kill bacteria, leaving the air fresh and allergen-free.


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